Invocation - London goth and post-punk club night
Saturday 17th October 2009

The Cockney Gargoyle's Obscure Overture 9pm - 10pm

An opening ceremony of incantation and meditation
(+ indicates mix with preceding track)

Angelo Badalamenti - Fred's World
Bat Mix - Sullen Dead
+soundbites from Evil Dead
+Mary Hopkin and Vangelis - Rachel's Song
+Richard Burton reading Dylan Thomas - In My Craft And Sullen Art
St Dominic's Priory Choir - Salve Regina
Wojciech Kilar - Vampire Hunters
Bruno Lazzaretti and Danielle de Niese- Vide Cor Meum
Jason Miller reading John Donne - Death Be Not Proud
Beethoven - Symphony No. 9 (Scherzo)
Franz Schubert - String Quartet Adagio
Rimsky Korakov - Scheherazade
Vangelis - Damask Rose
BatMix - Lord Of Souls
+"What Shall I Sing To My Lord" from The Innocents
+"Cenobites Introduction" from Hellraiser
Christopher Young - Leviathan
BatMix - Fear And Darkness
+Vincent Price from The Masque of The Red Death
+"Be One With The Darkness" from Batman: Dark Knight
Robert Chunne - Where What
BatMix - To Die Is Gain
Michael Andrews - The Artifact And Living
Cantamus - Aurora
BatMix - Sacred Place
+Michael Askill - We Decided Not To Die
+Gregorian Chant
+Voodoo Drum
+Dudley Simpson - Sacrificial Chant Of The Exxilons
+Richard Burton reading Dylan Thomas - Before I Knocked

Dave Exile 10pm - 12am

The Breath Of Life - Kutna Hora
Unto Ashes - Witches' Rune
The Eden House - The Dark Half
The Sand - Rome In Winter
Blacklist - Odessa
Ulterior - Sister Speed
Object - A Place To Hide
She Wants Revenge - This Is The End
The Sisters Of Mercy - Flood II
Diary Of Dreams - Retaliation
Clan Of Xymox - Louise
The Awakening - Upon The Water
Death In June - The Calling (Mk II)
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Israel
Cocteau Twins - Wax And Wane
Faith And The Muse - Scars Flown Proud
The Brotherhood Of Pagans - Resurrection
The Wake - Watchtower
Fields Of The Nephilim - Sumerland
The Chameleons - Nathan's Phase
The Mission - Garden Of Delight (Extended)
Ghost Dance - A Deeper Blue
Joy Division - Shadowplay
The Cure - One Hundred Years
Corpus Delicti - Noxious
Eyes Of The Nightmare Jungle - Shadow Dance
The Sisters Of Mercy - Adrenochrome

The Cockney Gargoyle's Midnight Malady 12am - 1am

Suicide - Rocket USA
Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Love Missile F1-11
Virgin Prunes - Baby Turns Blue
Stranglers - Nice and Sleazy
The Damned - New Rose
Dead Kennedys - California Uber Alles
The Adverts - Gary Gilmore's Eyes
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - The Mercy Seat
Bauhaus - Double Dare
Sex Gang Children - Sebastiane
Alien Sex Fiend - I Walk The Line
Ministry - Stigmata
Nitzer Ebb - Murderous
Front 242 - Headhunter
Joy Division - A Means To An End
Ultravox - Vienna

Dave Exile 1am - 3am

Fields Of The Nephilim - Psychonaut Lib 111
The Danse Society - We're So Happy
Clan Of Xymox - This World
Dragons - Here Are The Roses
The Sisterhood - Giving Ground
The Merry Thoughts - Dreamland
Rosetta Stone - If Only And Sometimes
Pink Turns Blue - Walking On Both Sides
Skeletal Family - Promised Land
Christian Death - Romeo's Distress
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Placebo Effect
The Cure - Cold
X-Mal Deutschland - Polarlicht
The Chameleons - Don't Fall
And Also The Trees - Shaletown
Ikon - Fall Apart
Depeche Mode - Behind The Wheel
She Wants Revenge - Sister
Joy Division - She's Lost Control
Bauhaus - Dark Entries
The Mission - Wasteland
Garden Of Delight - Shared Creation
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Red Right Hand
Cranes - Jewel
Dead Can Dance - Avatar
The Sisters Of Mercy - Nine While Nine
Fields Of The Nephilim - The Watchman

(Epilogue: This Mortal Coil - Song To The Siren)