Invocation - London goth and post-punk club night
Saturday 9th January 2016

The Cockney Gargoyle 9:00pm - 9:30pm (Prologue)

St Dominic's Choir - Introit Cibavit Eos
Barn Jehovi - Osiris Risen
Christopher Young - Another Puzzle
Throbbing Gristle - Separated
BatMix - Tempest Dream
David Bowie - Blackstar

Dave Exile 9:30pm - 10:30pm

The Cure - Fear Of Ghosts
Soft Kill - Hit The Floor
Schonwald - Fury
Momentform - Palace
Undertheskin - Cold
The Agnes Circle - Ceramics
The Snake Corps - In Flux
Dream Disciples - Eternal
Fields Of The Nephilim - Slow Kill
She Wants Revenge - This Is The End
Minuit Machine - Alienation
Person:A - Shattered
The Sisters Of Mercy - Heartland
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Do You Love Me?

The Cockney Gargoyle 10:30pm - 11:00pm

Public Image Limited - Death Disco
Bauhaus - Hair Of The Dog
Diamanda Galás - Double-Barrel Prayer
Adam And The Ants - Plastic Surgery
Altered Images - Dead Pop Stars
The Vanishing - Lovesick
The Mekons - Where Were You?
The Cramps - New Kind Of Kick
Alien Sex Fiend - Now I’m Feeling Zombified

Dave Exile 11:00pm - 12:00am

Creatures - Exterminating Angel
Cranes - Wish
Light Asylum - Dark Allies
Pressures - Nothing Ever
Clan Of Xymox - This World
Hante - In Cold Water
Cocteau Twins - Wax And Wane
Xmal Deutschland - Augen-Blick
The Chameleons - The Fan And The Bellows
A Place To Bury Strangers - So Far Away
The Wake - Sideshow
Wolfsheim - The Sparrows And The Nightingales
Dead Can Dance - Avatar
Fields Of The Nephilim - Love Under Will

The Cockney Gargoyle 12:00am - 12:30am

Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Suburban Relapse
Killing Joke - Follow The Leaders
The Birthday Party - Release The Bats
The Stranglers - Straighten Out
The Sisters Of Mercy - Adrenochrome
Suicide - Ghost Rider
Fad Gadget - Ricky’s Hand
The Passions - I’m In Love With A German Film Star

Dave Exile 12:30am - 1:30am

The Mission - Blood Brother
The Cult - Hollow Man
Skeletal Family - She Cries Alone
Christian Death - Electra Descending
Lebanon Hanover - Your Fork Moves
Malaria! - Kaltes Klares Wasser
Linea Aspera - Synapse
Joy Division - She's Lost Control
The Sisters Of Mercy - First And Last And Always
Big Electric Cat - Paris Skyes
Ritual Howls - I'd Rather Not
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Happy House
The Sound - Contact The Fact
The Cure - Play For Today
Tropic Of Cancer - Be Brave

The Cockney Gargoyle 1:30am - 2:00am

Cabaret Voltaire - The Set Up
X-Ray Spex - Germ Free Adolescents
Wire - I Am The Fly
The Normal - Warm Leatherette
Nitzer Ebb - Let Your Body Learn
Spizz Energi - Where’s Captain Kirk?
Magazine - Shot By Both Sides
Dead Kennedys - Too Drunk To Fuck
Stiff Little Fingers - Suspect Device
Motorhead - Ace Of Spades

Dave Exile 2:00am - 3:00am

Fields Of The Nephilim - Preacher Man
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Talk About The Weather
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Placebo Effect
Phosphor - Skull
Clan Of Xymox - A Day
Rosetta Stone - Subterfuge
Joy Division - Shadowplay
The Soft Moon - Die Life
Bauhaus - Lagartija Nick
Tempers - Trains
The Chameleons - Don't Fall
The Cure - Disintegration
The Sisters Of Mercy - Marian

(Epilogue: This Mortal Coil - Song To The Siren)